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At MsUzo we specialise in African fashion, fabrics and accessories! We are a Manchester based importer and distributor, that ensures you can still wear and display the African fabrics you love!


Modern and traditional African fabrics delivered direct to your door!

At MsUzo we have over 15 years of experience in the textile industry and are one of the UK's main importers and distributors for African materials. We offer our fabrics for sale online, from our base in Manchester, and we can also supply ready to wear fashion from these fantastic fabrics and even tailor-make bespoke outfits!

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About Our Fabrics

Our collection of fabrics include a huge variety of colour and patterns. We ensure that our textures are luxurious, unique and include cotton, silk wool and lace. The fabrics we import are genuine African materials and are suitable for any clothing garments or arts and crafts activity. The fabric collections are suitable for all genders and as part of our excellent customer service, we offer group order services for Aso-Ebi. This helps to take the stress away when it comes to organising your special occasion.

African Lace, Ankara and more!

African Lace is a beautiful addition to any item of clothing. The collections we sell include cord lace, sequin lace, dry lace, velvet lace, wedding lace and more.

We also offer traditional African Prints (known as Ankara) and also Batik and Adire (known as Tie and Dye). Batik and Adire are handmade fabrics by artisans in Egbaland from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria West Africa. They use ancient techniques and methods to produce amazing pure, artistic stylish patterns and designs. These craftsmen and women also hand weave our range of Aso-Oke which is used extensively to create beautiful outfits than stun and stand out.

Menswear by MsUzo
unusual sequin fashion fabric

African Fabrics available for UK-wide delivery:

  • Lace & Brocade

  • Aso-Oke (woven fabric)

  • Sego (traditionally used for African head ties)

  • Ghanian Kente (woven fabric)

  • Senegalese Genie Fabric

  • Igbo George Fabrics

  • Kampala

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"MsUzo in Manchester is the go to place for all things fashion for men, women, kids, young and old. For all African ready to wear outfits and affordable prices."

Ade Mur Olu, Facebook Review

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